Alexander’s Invasion of Persia Part 4

Alexander’s Invasion of Persia Part 4

The main part of the city was located on an island some distance from the coast. Since the Greeks had no fleet, the townspeople were confident in defending their city. But Alexander did not give up. He built a wood-and-stone bridge from the beach to the city. The people of the city launched naval attacks on the bridge. They even rammed burning ships into the bridge. But in the end Alexander the Great succeeded in building this bridge. He also brought over 200 ships from Cyprus and other coastal cities.

Thus, he had a fleet more powerful than the people of the city. Then the Greeks launched simultaneous attacks from the bridge side and the sea. Alexander the Great himself led this attack from a ship. The Greek fleet breached the weak part of the citadel wall from the south. And Alexander the Great entered the city with his forces. Meanwhile, the soldiers from the bridge side also jumped over the walls and entered the city.

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Thus this city was conquered. The Greeks massacred 5,000 enemy soldiers and 4,000 civilians. 20,000 to 30,000 citizens were sold as slaves. However, those who took refuge in the city’s main temple were pardoned by Alexander the Great. Thus, in 332, Tyre also came under Greek occupation. The bridge built by Alexander transformed over time. Soil and stones fathered around it and thus it became a permanent part of the mainland.

The city still stands today, and somewhere in its foundations are the remains of that bridge. The was the bridge that had briefly connected it to the mainland. After the conquest of Tyre, Alexander the Great reached Gaza. This city also tried to resist. Its fort was built over a hill. Alexander the Great installed catapults around it and bombarded its walls with stones. But most of the stones did not reach the high walls.

Or they did not hit the walls with full force. The stones needed to hit the walls with full force. For this, catapults had to be placed on higher ground. But there was no such high place around the city. Alexander the Great came up with a solution. At his command, the Greek army piled earth around the city. Thus they made a great mound. The mound was as high as the walls. Then, catapults were installed on this mound.

The walls were pelted so heavily that they broke at many points. Then the Greek army entered the city from all sides and it also met the same fate as Tyre. It was destroyed too. Its citizens were sold as slaves. Now it was Egypt’s turn. But friends, what happened in Egypt surprised Alexander the Great. My Curious Fellows! although Egypt was a part of the Iranian Empire. But its people there were tired of being enslaved by the Iranians.

When Alexander entered Egypt, the Egyptians welcomed him. They considered him their savior. Every city in Egypt surrendered to him. Wherever Alexander the Great went, people would throw flowers at him and shout slogans in his favor. Alexander the Great was taken to the ancient capital of Egypt, ‘Memphis’, whose Arabic name was ‘Manaf’. It was located near present-day Cairo. Here the local religious leaders dressed him like a Pharaoh.

He was also given the ancient crown of Pharaohs. In this way, Alexander the Great also became the pharaoh of Egypt. Now he was also called the son of the Egyptian god ‘Ra’, meaning the sun. He also founded a city in his name called Alexandria, on the Egyptian Mediterranean coast. Later, Alexander’s successors built a tower or lighthouse in the city. It was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient World.

Alexander the Great also received the third prophecy about him in Egypt. According to a legend, Alexander’s real father was the god Zeus and not King Philip II. Alexander the Great also believed that he was the offspring of his gods. He wanted to confirm his belief. So he went to a sacred temple of the Egyptians. The Egyptians revered it like the Greeks revered the Oracle of Delphi. In the western desert of Egypt there is an oasis called Siwa.

There was a temple here called the Temple of Amun. Amun was the Egyptian god, the counterpart of the Greek god Zeus in the Greek mythology. Rather, the Greeks considered these two gods to be one and the same. That’s why Alexander visited the temple and met its chief priest. No one knows what the two of them discussed. However, Alexander was very satisfied and happy after the meeting.

It is also said that the priest had confirmed to him that he was the son of the god. Not that of the Philip II. Alexander had already received 2 prophecies from the Oracle of Delphi and Gordion. Now it was the 3rd prophecy that came from the Temple of Amun. Now he was fully convinced that he would succeed in any case. He would never fail. Now he started preparing for a decisive war against Darius III.

He wanted to conquer the rest of the Iranian Empire, from Iraq to Balochistan. He wanted to conquer all. He was thinking himself invincible. What happened to him in Iran? Who was the 3rd claimant to the Iranian throne? Where did he come from? How did Alexander the Great reach India? We will show you all thhis but in the next episode of the Great Generals and Battles Season 3.

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