Napoleon Ends Holy Roman Empire p2

Napoleon Ends Holy Roman Empire p2

Friends Napoleon also delivered an important message to his soldiers before the battle. He said, “If you reverse the enemy’s lines, I will command from the enemy’s firing range, away from the battle.” But if even for a moment it seems that victory is difficult, you will find that your emperor will be fighting in the front lines. He also issued an order that no young man would leave his ranks on the pretext of transporting the wounded. Every soldier should know that it is very important to win over the mercenaries of England who hate our nation so much.

By British mercenaries, he meant the allied countries with which he was at war. They called them mercenaries because Britain was the richest country among them and they believed that all these countries could not fight without the help of Britain. This message of Napoleon was read to all the military units. A new enthusiasm arose among the soldiers. He was ready to die to please his emperor. So with this renewed vigor and alignment, the French army began the war.

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The battle started at seven in the morning when there was still heavy fog in the air. The artillery of the First Allies, the Russian “Ost-Rhine” forces, began a heavy bombardment of the French army. The Allied troops, armed with guns and bayonets, then advanced in the fog and attacked the weak right wing of the French army. They were confident that they would soon decimate the French force. But it happened that in the meantime the French army which had been summoned secretly from Vienna arrived. With the arrival of this army,

Napoleon’s right wing became powerful again. On Napoleon’s left, the two armies also engaged in battle, but the center of the Russian army was not advancing as most of its troops had moved to the right flank of the French forces. Therefore, the allied army in the center had only taken a defensive position, it did not have the power to attack. While the French army standing in front of them was much more than them in number. Napoleon was just waiting for the fog to clear. As soon as the fog cleared, they pushed their center army forward and launched a full attack on the weakened Allied center.

The French army also repulsed the center army very easily. Seeing the center retreating, the allied army on the right and left sides also fled. But the part of the Allies which was on Napoleon’s right had to cross the ice ponds to retreat. When these soldiers started to pass through this ice while running, the French artillery started bombarding these ponds. Several shells fell into the ponds below and broke the frozen ice on them. Dozens of allied soldiers fell and drowned in their cold waters while trying to cross these pools. Along with them, many cannons and horses were drowned in the water.

However, a significant number of soldiers somehow crossed these ponds. A total of 15,000 Russian and “Ostrhein” soldiers were killed or wounded in this battle, while 11,000 were captured. In comparison, Napoleon’s army lost only nine thousand lives. The Battle of Ostlitz was won by Napoleon Bonaparte with his master strategy. It was a decisive victory. The military alliance that had formed against France was temporarily disintegrated. Twenty-two days after the war, a treaty was signed in the city of Pressburg, now part of Slovakia, about 80 kilometers east of Vienna..

This treaty was concluded between Napoleon Bonaparte and the “East Rhine” Emperor Francis II. Under this treaty, “Austria” withdrew from the military alliance against France. Many of the territories held by Osteria, including the Italian city of Venice, were also ceded to the French Empire and its controlled states. Napoleon also imposed a war ransom of four million francs on Austria, which he promised to pay. Napoleon also forced Francis II to renounce the title of Holy Roman Emperor.

On the sixth of August, eighteen hundred and six, the emperor gave up this title. He was now the ruler of the Austrain Empire only as Francis One. Thus the oldest Holy Roman Empire in Europe, which existed only symbolically, also came to an end. In return for all this, Napoleon returned Vienna, the capital of the “Austria” to him. The victory at Ostlitz made Napoleonic France the greatest power in Europe. However, even after the My Curious Fellows Treaty of Pressburg, France’s war with “Austria” and other European powers did not end in the long term.

It started again after a gap of few years. In 1899 Napoleon again conquered Vienna and then returned “Austria” under a treaty. In the seven years from 1855 to 1812, Napoleon achieved many victories. In 1812, the situation was that Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and a large part of Poland had come under the control of France. All these territories were either directly part of the French Empire or had puppet governments under France.

Napoleon divided many of these states among his brothers and relatives. One of his brothers, Joseph Bonaparte, became King of Spain. Another brother, Louis Bonaparte, was made King of Holland or present-day Netherlands. A third brother, Jerome Bonaparte, was made king of the German state of Westphalia. Napoleon appointed one of his brothers-in-law, Jochum Moret, as the ruler of the Italian state of Naples. Thus Caroline, Jochum’s wife and Napoleon’s sister, became Queen of Naples.

Similarly, one of his sisters, Aliza Bonaparte, became the queen of another Italian state, Tuscany. Napoleon’s mother, Letizia Bonaparte, was respectfully called Madame Marie because she was the emperor’s mother. People called her the happiest mother in the world, the happiest mother because most of her children became kings or queens. But this lucky mother was constantly beaten so that no one would notice her happiness. Don’t let anything go wrong. Whenever Napoleon went on a military campaign, Madame Marie used to open each of his letters fearing that it might contain news of Napoleon’s death.

Then it happened that their happiness really turned into sadness. Before their eyes, the Bona Part family that had risen to prominence began to decline. The French Empire began to crumble. One of the many reasons for this decline was that none of Napoleon’s siblings were as charismatic and capable leaders as he. These people failed to establish peace in the areas under their control. Rebellions started against them. In particular Joseph Bonaparte, who was made ruler of Spain, proved to be a dismal failure.

There was a mass revolt against him in Spain. The rebels, with the help of Great Britain, began to wrest Spain from France. For a few years, there were battles between the rebels and the French army. After some time, the British army also entered Spain under the command of the British commander Duke of Wellington. In 1814, Spain was completely freed from French occupation.

Napoleon Ends Holy Roman Empire p1

Napoleon could not help his brother Joseph because shortly before the independence of Spain, Napoleon had also started a military campaign against Russia. An expedition that took French troops into the snowfields from which no army had ever returned safely. So what happened to Napoleon and the French army in this snow hell? Then what happened that the French soldiers turned their guns on Napoleon? All this will be shown to you in the next episode.

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