Napoleon in Egypt Battle of the Pyramids p2

Napoleon in Egypt Battle of the Pyramids p2

He left some troops to protect Alexandria and other conquered territories. So now Napoleon’s army had to face first Murad Bey’s army which was positioned in the village. Only after defeating this army, they could cross the river Nile and attack the other army of the enemy. Napoleon arranged his troops in separate box formations. This military technique was called the square. A total of five such boxes or squares were made. Each square had six rows of foot soldiers with guns and long bayonets mounted on these guns. With these bayonets they could harm the enemy cavalry.

Behind the ranks of the foot soldiers stood the cavalry within the square, in the midst of which food and ammunition were stored. Cannons were installed at the four corners of the square so that the enemy could be fired upon from whichever side they attacked. Each square had a complete army in its place that could defend itself from all sides. So now, friends, the battle began as Murad Bey’s forces first shelled the French army with artillery. Then at least six thousand cavalry advanced towards the French army.

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But no sooner had they come forward than the French forces opened their cannons. These cannons, which were stationed inside the squares, had a much greater range than the Egyptian cannons. Dozens of shells from above fell into the ranks of the Egyptians, causing a stir. Some of the troops that moved too close to the squares were fired upon by foot soldiers. It is said that the Egyptian soldiers were falling like palm leaves falling from a tree. The Egyptian commander, Murad Bey, repeatedly changed tactics. Sometimes they would try to surround the enemy from behind.

Sometimes their cavalry would come between the squares. But this square position was new to him. They did not know how to deal with it. When they attacked the enemy from the rear, the alert French soldiers stationed on that side would rain bullets on them. When they got into the middle of the squares, they would be fired upon from many sides. Soon the cavalry retreated with heavy casualties. Many soldiers crossed the river on horses or in boats. But friends, the war was not over yet.

In the village where the Egyptians were positioned, there were still fifteen hundred soldiers and many volunteers, villagers who had been recruited into the army. The French army surrounded the village. The soldiers inside were asked to surrender. The Egyptians refused to surrender. On this, the French forces attacked the village. It was a completely one-sided fight that was taking place. The French soldiers killed the Egyptian soldiers who were mostly armed with swords etc. with bayonets. There was a stampede among the Egyptian soldiers.

They started running towards the Nile behind them. But on this side too, French soldiers were standing. They opened fire on the Egyptians. Countless soldiers were killed in the same way. The soldiers who escaped and jumped into the river were also fired upon. Very few people managed to cross the river to Cairo with their lives. For several days, the bodies of the dead floated in the river and the French soldiers pulled them out and stole valuables from their clothes. The Battle of the Pyramids was won by Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Egyptian cavalry under the command of Murad Bey was destroyed, while Ibrahim Bey across the river did not even get a chance to help them. About sixteen hundred Egyptian soldiers died in the battle. The commander of the Egyptian army, Murad Bey, was also injured in the battle, but he managed to escape. Compared to the Egyptians, the French had barely thirty soldiers killed and two hundred and sixty wounded. The French army also captured forty cannons of the enemy, many equipments and four hundred camels which were allegedly loaded with gold and silver.

This gold, silver was probably the property of the local Arab chiefs who participated in the war on the orders of Murad Bey and Ibrahim Bey. After the defeat of his cavalry, the infantry across the Nile also fled. Both governors of Egypt, Ibrahim Bey and Murad Bey, moved to different places in the eastern part of Egypt. They fought the French for a long time with the help of local people. Later, Ibrahim Bay went to Syria. While Murad Bey stayed in Egypt and continued the guerilla war against the French forces.

Anyway, friends, after the Battle of the Pyramids, the city of Cairo was largely deserted. Some of the Bedouins in the Egyptian army had looted the city before leaving and killed many of their own countrymen. On July 27, Napoleon entered Cairo with his army and restored peace and order in the citydone Napoleon talked to the local scholars and assured them that no harm would be done to the common people. With the help of these scholars, the common people who left the city were brought back and Cairo was repopulated.

Napoleon Bonaparte occupied Egypt in less than a month. Although Egypt was the country that no European power could conquer after the advent of Islam. Even during the Crusades, Egypt was never captured by the Crusaders. Rather, he defeated both the Crusaders and the Mongols. Napoleon Bonaparte was the first European commander to make history by hoisting the French flag over Egypt. But this occupation was a piece of cake for them. They won by defeating the weak village army very easily.

The real battle was about to begin now. An army was coming to compete with Napoleon, whose commander was a recognized player on the battlefield. And they had better weapons, who was he? At the beginning of the My Curious Fellows video, you went about the British commander, Vice Admiral Nelson. They were unable to prevent the French fleet from reaching Alexandria.

Napoleon in Egypt Battle of the Pyramids p3

But he was constantly patrolling the sea along the coast of Egypt with his fleet looking for French ships. Their aim was to destroy Napoleon Bonaparte’s supply line from France by destroying these ships. Without this supply line, Napoleon could not have held Egypt for long. Admiral Nelson was informed that the French fleet, the warships that had accompanied Napoleon to Egypt, were in the “Gulf of Abu Qair” near the city of Alexandria.


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