Napoleon in Egypt Battle of the Pyramids p4

Napoleon in Egypt Battle of the Pyramids p4

Napoleon in Egypt Battle of the Pyramids p4

They wanted to show that they were not afraid of the disease and neither should their army because their commander was not. But it is also said that Napoleon did not meet any plague patients. It was later propagated. However, after the conquest of My Curious Fellows Jaffa, Napoleon continued his advance and conquered some more forts. But when they reached Akka, another coastal city, the Turkish army there refused to surrender. Under the command of the Turkish commander Ahmad Pasha al-Jazar, the Turks fought the French army well after closing the fort.

Napoleon tried to capture the fort several times but failed miserably. One of the reasons for this was that Napoleon had light cannons with which he could not breach the walls of the fort. They had ordered their heavy guns from Egypt in some ships. But these ships were intercepted by the British Navy on the way. Some British warships also reached Acre to help the Ottomans. British Admiral William Sidney landed in the city with some of his troops and led the Ottoman forces on some occasions.

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It is said that a French citizen, “Feli Peaux”, who had also been a classmate of Napoleon, was also included in the Ottoman army of Acre. His advice also played an important role in improving the defenses of the city. Finally, after two months of continuous failures, Napoleon got fed up and ended the siege of the city. After that, they quickly turned back to Egypt. Along the way, they destroyed large-scale buildings everywhere except in Gaza so that the enemy could not take advantage of them by recapturing them.

So friends, in the Syrian campaign, at least eighteen hundred French soldiers were killed and almost as many wounded. However, the objective of Napoleon’s invasion of Syria, i.e. to secure a safe passage, was not achieved, although he managed to negotiate an agreement with the Turks for the safe return of his army to France. But the British did not accept this agreement. The British fleet continued the blockade of Egypt. For this reason, Napoleon had to travel from Syria to Egypt by land.

And obviously this campaign was a complete failure. As soon as they left Syria, the Ottoman forces recaptured all their lost territories. Now they started preparing to attack Egypt with the help of Britain. In July 1799, he landed an army in the area of Abu Qair on the coast of Egypt and took control of a fort there. Napoleon rushed here and conquered this forttook In this battle, thousands of Turkish soldiers drowned in the sea trying to reach their ships. Many Turks were made prisoners of war, including the Ottoman commander Mustafa Pasha.

But My Curious Fellows was the Battle of Abu Qair, Napoleon’s last victory in Egypt. He wanted to return to France as soon as possible because the political situation there was deteriorating. Commander Napoleon thought he could seize power and become the ruler of France. You already know that Napoleon Bonaparte did not become the emperor in France at that time, but Napoleon Bonaparte was the most important player in the power struggle there. He decided to sacrifice Egypt to get the government of France.

In August, the month following Abu Qair’s victory, Napoleon Bonaparte replaced General Kleber as commander of the army in Egypt. He then boarded a ship without telling his soldiers and left for France. No British ships stopped them along the way, even though Britain had blockaded Egypt. Now it is not clear if it was just a coincidence or someone deliberately gave Napoleon an escape route or maybe Napoleon managed to escape the British blockade in such a way that he escaped the British blockade.

Somehow they reached France. In November 1799, he overthrew the government in Paris and took over the government himself. But even as the ruler of France, he could not help his army in Egypt. Even after Napoleon’s return to France, his army remained trapped in Egypt for the next two years, and the series of Egyptian revolts against him grew faster and faster. In a similar incident, on June 14th, 1800, a student in Egypt, Sulaiman Al-Halabi, killed French General Kleber with a dagger.

The murderer was arrested and a few days later brutally executed in a square in Cairo. But now the French had reached Egypt. The commanders who took the place of General Kleber were also not able to consolidate the steps taken by their army. Then it happened that the powerful enemy of the French, the British, defeated the French army in a land battle near the city of Alexandria in March 21, 1811. The French army was entrenched inside the city. However, Ottoman and British forces spread throughout Egypt.

Cairo was also liberated from French occupation in June. On September 2, the French army trapped in Alexandria also surrendered. Thus Napoleon Bonaparte’s entire campaign in Egypt ended in a shameful defeat. Napoleon was lucky that he got out of Egypt in time and did not have to suffer the humiliation of surrender. His dream of connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea by digging a canal in Egypt was also left unfulfilled. This dream was then fulfilled almost sixty years later, after the failure in Egypt,

Napoleon built a new fleet. But in 1855, at the Battle of Trafalgar off the coast of Spain, the British routed this French fleet as well. It was a decisive defeat that crippled France’s naval power. France did not become a major naval power again during Napoleon’s reign. But My Curious Fields Napoleon’s dream of establishing a New World Order did not end even with the defeats of Egypt or Trafalgar. Almost all of Europe east of France was open to conquest. No fleet was needed for these victories. Everywhere was accessible by land.

Napoleon in Egypt Battle of the Pyramids p1

So Napoleon realized that if he wanted to bring a New World Order, his path would not come from Egypt but from Europe. So they decided to conquer Europe itself. France’s neighbor was the Austrian Empire, which was a major power in Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte, who was now emperor, opened a front against Austria. Then began a campaign that took the French emperor to the gates of Russia and made France the greatest European power. But despite this, can Napoleon Bonaparte be called the conqueror of Europe? Fateh Alam can be called? What happened when Napoleon arrived in Spain with the dream of a New World Order? How did the British deal with this emerging threat in Europe? All these will show you but the next episode.

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