Napoleon Invades Russia Battle of Borodino p3

Napoleon Invades Russia Battle of Borodino p3

Napoleon Invades Russia Battle of Borodino p3

He had become irritable and grumpy. They did not tolerate failure. The result was that the French were in dire straits. Due to the increasing casualties, the French forces had to rush their reserve troops into the battlefield prematurely. Finally, the French reached the very top of the Russian front after taking heavy losses. The soldiers of both sides clashed and started killing each other with their bayonets. The Russian soldiers were fighting with such ferocity that even Napoleon was forced to admire them.

He told one of his comrades that the Russians were fighting as if they were machines and not men. They have become fortresses that can only be destroyed by cannonballs. But even the extreme bravery of the Russian friends could not stop the advance of the French army. Russian troops were suffering heavy losses due to excessive resistance in their weak positions. At the beginning of the war, the French lost more. But by the end of the battle, the Russian casualties were far greater than the French.

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By evening, forty-four thousand Russian and thirty-five thousand French soldiers had died on the battlefield. In other words, a total of 89,000 soldiers were killed in a single day. Russian troops had been pushed far back from their front line. Apparently the French were looking heavy, but they could not get the decisive victory that Napoleon was looking for. This was because at every critical juncture of the war, they either refused or delayed sending more troops to the front lines.

Thus, despite repeated requests from their commanders, they did not send their elite forces, who were held in reserve, to fight. Because of this, the Russian army was saved from complete destruction. As the sun set on September 7, Russian General Kutuzov withdrew his army towards Moscow. The French army watched the Russians withdraw from their positions. But she could not pursue them as their already exhausted troops were worn down by the day’s fighting. Thus, the main army of the Russians once again escaped cleanly.

The golden dome and cross monument you see here is built in Borodino to commemorate this battle. Apart from this, there is also a monument to General Kutuzov, on which a Shaheen is sitting. My Curious Fellows BoroughThe Battle of Dino is considered one of Napoleon’s bloodiest battles. Napoleon apparently won, but it was not a decisive victory. The Russian army was still fully united and ready for battle. Despite the setback, the Russian Supreme Commander, General Kutuzov, was still hopeful of victory.

After retreating from the Borodino field, he held a meeting with his commander in a village near Moscow. In this meeting, he made a bold decision on his own, without seeking permission from the Russian emperor, that he would not defend Moscow any longer, but would leave the city empty and retreat further and take a new position. In their opinion, in this way they could further tire the French army. So they retreated to the east of the city of Moscow and the field was cleared for the French army which was coming from the west.

On September 14, a week after the Battle of Borodino, Napoleon Bonaparte entered Moscow with his army. But when they reached there, such a big city was empty. Out of the city’s population of around two and a half million, only twenty five thousand people were left. Most of them were foreign wounded Russian soldiers or criminals who were not allowed to leave the city. The French soldiers were happy that we would have rest and food in Moscow, but the Russians had done to their city what the enemy would have done.

Actually, the Russian governor of Moscow, Count Rostapchin, had hidden some people in the city with gunpowder before leaving the city so that they would burn the city after Napoleon’s arrival. This was so that the French would not find the city of Moscow, but a heap of ashes, and they could not live here in peace. So these people, armed with gunpowder, set fire to many places in Moscow and escaped. After three days of efforts, the fire was brought under control. But a large part of the city was burnt.

The French army encamped in the city of Barchi Khache. Napoleon could have made an immediate return home from Moscow if he had wanted. But they understood that if they continued to occupy Moscow, the Russian Emperor would come to them begging for peace. But friends, it didn’t happen for the third time either. Alexander the Great was in no rush to retake Moscow. They were waiting for winter. At one point he said that the commander of my military campaign is “General Winter” and this campaign is just starting.

There would be no peace treaty with Napoleon. General Winter will fight Napoleon i.e. Winter. Indeed, friends, Russia’s heavy snow winter was about to begin. The longer Napoleon delayed leaving Moscow, the closer the snow came. From September 14th to October 19th, Napoleon stayed in Moscow for about six weeks and was trapped by the Russians. When it started snowing in Moscow in October, Napoleon’s head froze My curious fellows, you know that Napoleon did not come planning to spend much time in Russia.

Therefore, their army had no adequate clothing to protect them from winter and no food reserves. Even in burnt Moscow, they had not received any supplies to help them survive the winter. The French army was now empty-handed. Napoleon’s only option was to abandon his dream of subduing the Russian Tsar and worry about saving his army. He made a quick decision and hurriedly fled with his army from Moscow to Lithuania towards the city of Vilnius, which was his camp.

He wanted to get out of this dangerous area as soon as possible, but there was no time left for this attempt. The retreat of the French army from Moscow was a formidable challenge. They had to travel nine and a half kilometers with very little food and drink during heavy snowfall. This journey was also such that along the way they had to bear the attacks of bloodthirsty Russians from all sides. So in such a situation, when Napoleon left Moscow, his small army also started to meet.

On the nineteenth of October, about one hundred thousand French troops began their march from Moscow to Vilnius. But this army seemed less and the caravan of merchants more. In fact, the French soldiers looted a lot while putting out the fire in Moscow. The goods that the citizens of Moscow could not take with them were looted by these soldiers. Each soldier accumulated so much wealth that even managing it became a challenge. But all this wealth could neither fill their stomachs nor keep their bodies warm in winter.

Napoleon Invades Russia Battle of Borodino p4

On the contrary, this wealth had become a burden for them. This equipment slowed down their journey. For this reason, the Russians also got an opportunity to inflict wounds on this weak and slow-moving army. So they broke like bees on the French army from all sides. On the one hand, General Kutuzov’s army, which was sitting near Moscow, followed them. Meanwhile, Russian villagers, tribal fighters and local militias also began to attack the fleeing French army.

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