Napoleon Invades Russia Battle of Borodino p4

Napoleon Invades Russia Battle of Borodino p4

Napoleon Invades Russia Battle of Borodino p4

Then there was a massacre of the French army from Moscow to Vilnius, the examples of which can hardly be found in history. Step by step, the bodies of the French soldiers began to fall. For some time the French army tried to compete with the Russians. There were a few fierce battles, but each time the French army was defeated. With each failure, the French army’s retreat became more rapid. At the same time, the discipline of the army also ended completely.

The soldiers threw away the booty and ran for their lives. Thousands of soldiers went to the Russian camps in search of bread by throwing away gold and silverThey entered and surrendered. But the Russians did not have enough food anyway to feed themselves as well as the French prisoners. So countless starving French soldiers died in Russian captivity. The French Army left many wounded and sick soldiers behind at various points along the route. Heavy artillery and baggage vehicles were also either destroyed or left behind due to continuous enemy attacks.

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The retreating French army was no longer even an organized convoy, but was scattered in innumerable groups. His group, which fell into the hands of the enemy, would be killed. The survivors, the dead, would leave the bodies of their comrades and move on. Thousands of bodies continued to be buried under the snow. The French army, exhausted by snow, minus twenty degrees and heavy enemy attacks, marched through various regions of Belarus and finally reached Vilnius in December.

But friends, Napoleon Bonaparte was not with this army at that time. Not with his own army, he was captured once or twice by the Russians. After which he escaped to France ahead of the army in a sleigh, a vehicle that travels at high speed on snow. Let us tell you that Napoleon Bonaparte has a tradition that he often left his army and went to France on important occasions. He had done the same during the earlier campaign against the Ottoman Empire and had left his troops in Egypt surrounded by the enemy and had himself come to Paris to become emperor.

He is also accused of having poisoned some of his sick soldiers in the city of Jaffa during the military campaign in Syria. So that they don’t have to be carried away, the phrase I care about people as long as they are useful to me is attributed to them. So, in the same way, they left their army and ran away in Russia because this army was no longer able to win the war for them. After Napoleon’s escape, when his devastated army entered Vilnius and found food and drink, the soldiers fainted. Hungry soldiers ate so much food that hundreds of soldiers died of overeating.

Thousands of sick soldiers who had reached the city could not even breathe and died. Now the result of Napoleon’s Russian campaign was such that only 20,000 young men from the great army of 450,000 were able to return alive to Poland. Thousands of wounded French were still in hospitals in Vilnius and could not come to Poland. Some time later, when the Russian army entered Vilnius, they started throwing the wounded French soldiers out of the hospital windows. Many soldiers lost their lives in this way. While the rest died due to lack of treatment.

The Russians took out the bodies of the French soldiers from the hospitals and collected them in one place, and the pile of bodies became as high as a three-story building. Many of these bodies were thrown into the river. Thousands of soldiers were buried in mass graves. The bodies were so many that even today the remains of the French and Russians killed in this war are being discovered in different regions of Russia. And the bones of these remains do not tell who was French and who was Russian. Both seem human. However, whenever one of these remains is found, it is buried with full honors.

There is also a ceremony. A ceremony attended by descendants of French and Russian soldiers. You must have read or heard of the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, the epic novel about the war My Curious Fellows Napoleon’s army suffered in Russia from the enemy. There was more weather. Half of Napoleon’s army was destroyed by the heat on the way to Moscow and the other half by the cold on the way back from Moscow. Apart from this, Napoleon’s stubbornness to bow down to the Tsar of Russia and wrong military strategy and delay also caused the disaster.

So Napoleon escaped from Russia and went straight to Paris. Here they tried to gather more troops. But now the illusion of their invincibility was shattered. Most of the European countries under the command of Great Britain and Russia declared war against Napoleon. Rebellions also broke out within the French Empire. Over the next year, Napoleon was defeated on every front in Europe and the French Empire collapsed. In March 1814, the armies of Russia, Austria, and Prussia approached Paris.

Napoleon was forced to surrender. On April 6, 1814, he also left the position of French emperor. The Allies arrested him and put him on a British warship and exiled him to the island of “Elba” in Italy. Louis Sixteen, the former emperor of France who was assassinated after the French Revolution, was succeeded by his brother with the title of Louis Etienne. Napoleon was imprisoned on the island of Elba for several months. But he was anxious to get back the rule of France.

They assimilated the native population of the island and with their help developed a few boats and small ships. After that he reached France in these ships with a thousand of his supporters in February 1815. They landed at the French coastal town of Golfe Van and started marching towards Paris from there. The new emperor of France sent an army to stop them. This troop had previously fought wars under the command of Napoleon. All the soldiers knew him. He of Napoleon’s small forceThey came forward and drew their guns on them.

So Napoleon was riding a horse at that time. He got down from his horse and addressed the soldiers saying, I am standing before you. Kill your emperor if you want. Hearing this, the soldiers shouted ‘Way! Wow. Long live the Emperor. These soldiers also joined Napoleon’s comrades. Napoleon Bonaparte then began his march towards Paris. There was no resistance in the areas they passed on the way. Everywhere French soldiers and people joined them. Soon they had a large army. On March 20, he also entered Paris.

Napoleon Invades Russia Battle of Borodino p1

The nominal government of Louis Etienne was abolished. With the support of the people and the army, Napoleon regained the throne of France. But the re-emperorship of my curious fellow Napoleon was accepted by the French people but not by the world powers. They formed a new alliance against Napoleon and then waged war. In response, Napoleon also advanced with his army and reached Belgium. Then in Waterloo, Belgium, Napoleon fought the last battle of his life against the British. Who was immortalized in this last battle? To the French emperor or the English commander? What happened to Napoleon? All these will show you but in the next and last episode.

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