Toyota Corolla 2022 for sale in Peshawar

Toyota Corolla 2022 for sale in Peshawar

Looking for a shiny new ride in Peshawar? Check out this Toyota Corolla 2022 in a sleek white color. It’s the Altis SE package, which means it comes with some cool extras. The car has only been driven 600km, so it’s pretty much brand new and in excellent condition. Plus, it’s unregistered, so you’ll be the first owner.

Toyota Corolla 2022 for sale in Peshawar

Toyota Corolla 2022

Make: Toyota Corolla
Model : 2022
Package : Altis SE
Mileage : 600km
Condition : Brand New zero meter

Car Features:

Here are the specifications of the Toyota Corolla 2022 Altis SE in brief:

  1. Engine: 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder
  2. Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  3. Horsepower: 169 hp
  4. Torque: 151 lb-ft
  5. Fuel Economy: Around 31 mpg combined
  6. Wheelbase: 106.3 inches
  7. Length: 182.3 inches
  8. Width: 70.1 inches
  9. Height: 56.5 inches
  10. Seating Capacity: 5
  11. Infotainment: 7-inch touchscreen display
  12. Safety Features: Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, including pre-collision system, lane departure alert, adaptive cruise control, and more.

This Toyota Corolla is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish car. The Altis SE package offers additional features and a premium feel. With the low mileage of just 600km, you can enjoy a smooth and fresh driving experience. Being unregistered, you can personalize the ownership details once you make it yours.

  • Toyota Corolla 2022 for sale in Peshawar

Purchasing this Toyota Corolla 2022 in Peshawar gives you the opportunity to own a top-quality vehicle that is known for its durability and performance. The white color adds a touch of elegance to the car’s exterior, making it stand out on the roads. With zero meter condition, you can rest assured that you are getting a pristine vehicle that is ready to hit the streets without any wear and tear.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to own a Toyota Corolla 2022 Altis SE in Peshawar. With its brand new condition and unregistered status, you can be the proud first owner of this stylish vehicle. stvurdu Whether you’re looking for a reliable daily driver or a comfortable family car, this Toyota Corolla ticks all the boxes. Hurry up before someone else grabs this fantastic deal!

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