Toyota Prius 2021 for sale in Peshawar

Toyota Prius 2021 for sale in Peshawar

The Toyota Prius 2021 is a modern car that will be imported to Pakistan in 2024. This particular model is a ‘S’ package variant, equipped with features suitable for everyday use. It has a mileage of 110,000 kilometers, indicating that it has been driven a considerable distance. The vehicle is in pristine condition, with every component being entirely genuine.

Toyota Prius 2021 for sale in Peshawar

Toyota Prius 2021

Make : Toyota Prius
Model : 2021
Import : 2024
Package : S
Mileage : 110000km
Condition : Total genuine

Car Features:

  • Engine: 1.8L 4-cylinder
  • Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • Electric Motor: Permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Total System Output: 121 horsepower
  • Battery: Nickel-metal hydride
  • Fuel Efficiency: Up to 54 mpg combined
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • Cargo Space: 27.4 cubic feet
  • Safety Features: Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

With a sleek and attractive white color, this Toyota Prius 2021 stands out on the road. Being unregistered, the new owner will have the chance to be the first to officially own and drive this hybrid vehicle. If you’re looking to purchase this car, it is currently available in Peshawar, making it convenient for interested buyers in the region. Its stylish appearance and eco-friendly hybrid engine make it a desirable choice for those looking for a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle..

Toyota Prius 2021 Images

  • Toyota Prius 2021 for sale in Peshawar

The Toyota Prius 2021 offers a balance between fuel efficiency and performance, making it an ideal choice for daily commutes and long drives. Its advanced hybrid technology ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience while also reducing carbon footprint. This model is known for its reliability and low maintenance costs, making it a practical investment for those looking for a cost-effective and eco-conscious vehicle.

Equipped with modern features and technology, the Toyota Prius 2021 offers a comfortable and convenient driving experience. Its spacious interior provides ample room for passengers and luggage, making it suitable for both city driving and long journeys. stvurdu With its total genuine condition and pristine exterior, this car presents a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy a well-maintained and reliable vehicle. Don’t miss out on the chance to own this exceptional Toyota Prius 2021 available for sale in Peshawar.

If you are in the market for a dependable and environmentally friendly vehicle, consider the Toyota Prius 2021. With its stylish design, high fuel efficiency, and excellent condition, this car offers a combination of practicality and eco-friendliness. Whether you are commuting to work or embarking on a road trip, this hybrid car is designed to meet your driving needs while minimizing your environmental impact. Take advantage of this opportunity and make this Toyota Prius 2021 yours today!

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